SFT Temporary Employment Service is a fast-growing company with extensive experience in the area of temporary worker recruitment. We specialise in the transport, warehouse and canteen sectors. This also includes Copenhagen Airport - airside.

Every single day we strive to make ourselves worthy of the trust, which our clients place in us when they use SFT Temporary Employment Service.

We show great respect for everyone we work with and take responsibility for our actions. We act honourably and communicate honestly in everything we do and say.

Our work includes both day-to-day temporary jobs and longer-term staffing solutions for companies, including the airport environment. This covers areas such as: service, support, security, safety, planning, dispatch, transport, distribution, office work, retail and sales.

Approval for the operation of a temporary driver company

Common permit for international road haulage for hire or reward


Many companies find that their need for labour constantly fluctuates. That is why we at SFT Temporary Employment Service specialise in flexible solutions, helping you find a solution to any challenges your company may encounter.

If your company is a start-up, it may be a good idea to start off with temporary workers until you are certain of your actual workforce requirements.


A company that deploys a temporary staffing solution guards itself against unforeseen labour costs. There are no terms of notice, sickness benefits, holiday allowance or ‘G-days’ (unemployment days). SFT Temporary Employment Service takes care of all the administrative issues, so your company can concentrate on other, more important tasks. When the work is completed, you will receive a single invoice. It could not be easier.


At SFT Temporary Employment Service we believe in the importance of incredibly close cooperation with both our clients and our staff. This close cooperation enables us to ensure an even higher level of quality and success, when matching a company with a temporary worker.

Easy, secure payment

When an employee has completed the job and his/her hours have been approved, SFT Temporary Employment Service pays that employee his/her salary and sends an invoice to the company. Job done!