SFT Transport Courier is our global door-to-door service. You have proactively chosen a courier service. We collect your goods and fulfill your perhaps special demands to ensure that the order arrives to the promised place and time. SFT Courier is easier, faster and more effective.

With our courier service the truck is solely reserved for your delivery. So no other goods from other customers will be collected, this to prevent your goods from being damaged or delayed.

We have been approved by the Danish Agency for Transport and Construction and therefore allowed to ship goods via all European airports.

Key characteristics for all our solutions are high quality together with excellent service. To us it is of great importance that all of your shipments arrive on time. EVERY TIME! 

SFT Transport Courier product includes:

  • EXPRESS TRANSPORT - in Denmark and Europe
  • 24-7 SERVICE – 24 hours, every day of the year
  • GPS – online info for status, temperature and location
  • POD - (proof of delivery) We’ll send you a mail after delivery with price and the name of the recipient
  • High value transportation – we have many years of experience so you can rest safe in that knowledgement.
  • ADR-TRANSPORTION – We’ll transport any hazardous goods, from class 1 to 9 

Staffed around the clock we’re always ready to help. Contact us at Tel. +45 53 500 555 or by mail booking@s-f-t.dk to book or just for a talk about our many services.

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